Post-Thanksgiving Detox in a Shot Glass!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving weekend has always felt like one big rolling party for me. There’s the day itself and then come Friday, there’s my camp reunion party hosted by my friend M-J that has been happening for over 30 years now! This year was particularly special because my cousin got engaged, so the celebrations were continuous. It was a spectacular weekend full of too much food and wine and today I am ready to detox!

I don’t usually recommend a full-on detox in the middle of winter though. Detoxes are cold in nature because of all the juices and lack of solid food so to try and adhere to something like that when it’s so cold out can make it hard to have energy, focus and concentration. What I DO recommend though is cleaning up the diet, adhering to lots of vegetables, fruit and some protein. I also suggest drinking lots of water and then including wheatgrass shots to help facilitate the detoxification process.

If you’re not familiar with Wheatgrass and its benefits then you’ll want to catch today’s video. Loaded in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and the health enhancing benefits of chlorophyll, Wheatgrass is nature’s medicine. You can use it to boost immune function, help fight anemias, enhance stamina and energy, improve the quality of your skin and even help with fertility. It’s one of the very best things you can do to improve the quality of your health.

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you! Do you have experience with taking Wheatgrass shots? Have you improved upon or cured a medical condition because you included wheatgrass in your diet? Let us know in the comments below.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy week! I’m off to do my wheatgrass shot 🙂

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19 comments on “Post-Thanksgiving Detox in a Shot Glass!

  1. AvatarAnita Moore

    Hi Barbara
    You also have a video on ginger, wheatgrass & lemon. Will a cup of that give you the same benefit as the juice. I’m going to wholefoods today to look for the fresh and a plant, but I wanted to know my other options. Also in the other video you didn’t say if it was a slice of lemon or lemon peels. thanks again.

    1. AvatarBarbara Mendez R.Ph. M.S. Post author

      It’s all good, Anita! Wheatgrass is probably the most nutritious thing you can consume but all the others help to boost immunity as well. Ideally, you’d like to build an arsenal of options… things you can eat, drink, enjoy that will enhance the way you feel and your body’s ability to fight disease. I’d give them all a try and see which you prefer.
      Start with one thing and build from there…
      Wishing you every happiness in the new year!

  2. AvatarDimples

    I would like to try wheatgrass on a consistent basis however, it is not always convenient to go to whole foods or Jamba Juice. I would like to try growing my own. Do you have any insight as to where you can get wheatgrass seeds or growing instructions? Thanks!

  3. AvatarDoris Smith

    Sorry but we also juice pint of carrots 4 times a week and do a pint of just greens.
    Besides taking the Powder that has many supplements.

  4. AvatarDoris Smith

    We take the powder. 400 mg in a serving. Take it twice a day. Called Osa’s Garden Green Life. Dietary Supplement
    When I go back to whole foods I may get some fresh and try it. Never done anything but the powder. We have used “Hallelujah Diet’s barley powder as well. It is just the barley and nothing added.

  5. AvatarBarbara Holmes

    What if you don’t have a juicer? I have a very small food chopper that I don’t really use but could that be used to make juice from the grass? I live below poverty level I cant afford or justify an expensive or inexpensive juicer just for wheat grass. I’ve been trying to get a blender but that ain’t been successful as yet.


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