7 Habits to a Stable Blood Sugar

Hey everyone and Happy Monday!

A few weeks ago I posted a video about the 5 foods to stabilize blood sugar and boy, did it resonate. I got personal emails from viewers about how valuable they found the information. Clearly there are some of you out there experiencing the effects of an unstable blood sugar.

In today’s video, I am taking it a step further. I am going to share with you the 7 habits you need to be including in your diet and your life to stabilize your blood sugar and help you shed those pounds.

Symptoms of an unstable blood sugar can be feelings of lethargy even though you are getting plenty of sleep, increased cravings and appetite, disjointed sleep patterns, inability to lose weight even though you’ve reduced your calories, and even irritability and mood disorders. As you see, it is very important to get this under control in order to start feeling and looking your best.

It is so important to manage your blood sugar, because if not, over time it can lead to serious health issues such as insulin resistance and diabetes. In turn this will eventually compromise your overall health and well being.

So check out today’s video and start practicing the habits that will get your metabolism in gear. And once you do, I want to hear from YOU. Do you have an unstable blood sugar? And what habits do you incorporate into your life that make the biggest difference in helping you control it? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great week everyone and stay well!