7 Supplements to Help Stabilize Blood Sugar

Good morning everyone and happy Monday!

We’re at the height of summer and therefore, swimsuit season and I know you are all eager to look your best while on the beach, but in order to lose any weight, the first thing you need to do is stabilize your blood sugar!

Earlier in the year, I posted two videos on this subject. The first one was about lifestyle factors that you need to modify for optimal glucose control and the second was about foods to eat that will help you with your goal. If you’ve not watched them, go back and do that first before considering supplementation, as modifying those things may be sufficient to help you get to your goal.

If you’re already eating well and have changed your habits yet you still feel that you’re hungry, tired, irritable and generally struggling with an unstable blood sugar, then you may want to consider using supplements to help move you along.

In today’s video, I discuss the top 7 supplements for balancing blood sugar which in turn will help control your appetite and cravings and help you lose weight. Remember though, before beginning any supplementation with vitamins or herbs, that you discuss it with a health care practitioner familiar with your case, particularly if you are currently on medication for diabetes or hypoglycemia.

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you! Are there any supplements you’ve used in the past that have helped you feel less hungry, lessened your cravings and supported healthy weight loss? If so, please leave your comments in the space below.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Till then, stay well, stay cool and have a great week!