Is Avoiding Fats and Oils Making you Gain Weight? Here’s the Low Down on Oils and How Best to Use Them!

I often see clients who avoid fats at all cost because of an erroneous fear that fats will make them fat. But what happens to the brain and our appetite when we avoid fats? In today’s video I am going to explain to you what alternatives the brain seeks out when there are no fats in the diet and how that in turn can make you gain weight.

Additionally, tune in to find out what oils are best for cooking and frying, which are best for salads and which are the healthiest for your health.

If you have any oils you enjoy using or prefer in your diet, I want to hear from you! Which oils do you prefer for cooking? Have you used walnut oil in your salad dressing before? What is your experience with flax seed oil? Let me know in your comments below.

Thanks everyone and I hope you have an awesome Monday!