Graceful Aging: Master Foods to Help you Feel and Look your Best

Graceful Aging: The Master List of Foods to Include to Help You Feel and Look Your Best

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Here in the Northeast we experienced our first real taste of Autumn! Such a beautiful time of the year. Speaking of beauty…

One of the more frequent questions I get from both clients and friends is what are the best foods to eat to help with the appearance of skin. Very specifically, what foods can one include in their diet to slow the aging process. It’s a good question, but it doesn’t have such an easy answer.

Aging is an inevitable part of life. We are born to age and eventually leave the earth and one would hope one exits in a blaze of glory, having experienced and done everything your heart desires. I certainly am striving for that. But in the process of living and playing, it is important to take care of your health so that you can not only feel good for as long as possible, but look good as well.

How well you age is a function of several factors, primary among them, the way you feed and take care of your body. If you eat low quality foods, spend a lot of time on the couch watching TV, feeling lethargic and sad, then that dynamic can create certain destructive processes in your body that can lead to inflammation, which can in turn lead to chronic disease. That same inflammation will also show up on your face in the form of bags under your eyes, sagging skin and an aged appearance.

The very best way to age gracefully is to eat high quality foods that nourish your body in an optimal way and in today’s video I am going to share with you the top must-include foods that you should regularly have in your diet. In doing so you will find that you have more energy, better focus and concentration, you will begin to feel better and yes, you will also begin to look better.

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you! Of the nine foods mentioned, which make a regular appearance on YOUR plate? I’d love to know. And what specifically do you feel you get from including those foods in your diet? Let me know in the comments below. My personal favorites? Numbers 4 and 7! They both bring me a lot of pleasure—although I truly love them all!

I hope you enjoy today’s video. As always, it’s a pleasure to be a part of your Monday!
Have an excellent week everyone.