Boost Immune Function with Ginger, Lemon & Lemongrass Tea

More than just a great alternative to caffeinated hot drinks like tea and coffee, a homemade blend of warm ginger and lemon tea has nutritional value with plenty of immune-boosting properties. Often used to treat nausea associated with motion or morning sickness, ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties, so can help lessen pain associated with arthritis or diabetic neuropathy, and even menstrual pain and migraines. An interesting, and little-known fact about ginger is that it slows down the proliferation of certain cancers, like colon and ovarian cancer. Ginger also helps lower high C-reactive proteins, so is a great choice for people with certain cardiac-related issues.

Adding Lemon and Other Flavors…

As well as adding to the flavor of the tea, including lemon will provide extra nutritional benefits. Lemon juice is alkalising, so it cleanses and detoxifies the system. Minerals in the lemon juice help to neutralise acids in the body and aid in the elimination of toxins. The peel of lemon contains limonene which also helps protect against cancer. If you choose to add pieces of lemon containing the peel/rind, be sure to buy organic lemons, so that you avoid the possibility of pesticides finding their way into your otherwise healthy blend.

Another complimentary flavor you could add is lemongrass. Though harder to find, lemongrass is also incredible for boosting immune function, as like ginger it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

During the filming of this video I found some beautifully fragrant sage to add to my tea. Sage is great for bronchial infections or asthma, and any kind of congenstion in the lungs. Just add a few sage leaves and steep for a while along with the ginger!