Podcast: Managing Hypertension with a Whole Foods Diet

Nutrition PodcastThis podcast episode focuses on High Blood Pressure, otherwise known as Hypertension. I discuss the causes, effects and nutritional consequences of this condition, often called ‘The Silent Killer’ as it can have no obvious symptoms. Hypertension occurs when there is too much pressure on the arterial walls and can be a contributing factor in heart attacks and strokes. High Blood Pressure can be due the overconsumption of sodium which causes fluid retention, increased pressure due to obesity, the narrowing of the arterial walls from elevated cholesterol levels or even a predisposition to the condition based on hereditary factors combined with poor nutrition and lifestyle habits, or a number of other reasons.

Hypertension is a nutritionally driven disease that can and should be managed with a whole foods diet. Whole foods have very modest amounts of salt compared with processed foods which are laden with hidden sodium and deficient in other important nutrients. Kevin Wilson, a food scientist from England joins me on the show to share his knowledge on the subject along with tips on how to manage hypertension. We also discuss the interesting work he is doing in England to lower the sodium content of supermarket foods in the UK.