Tips for Fighting the Winter Blues

Crazy, Sexy, Life and the English Countryside… it’s a good week indeed! But not in the way you may be thinking. I recently had the opportunity to write a guest post for the popular Crazy, Sexy, Life blog on the topic of Seasonal Affective Disorder, where I outline practices that will help you manage your SAD naturally. I’m writing to you from England, where the shorter winter days and the inclement weather can surely make a big difference on mood. If you find that this time of the year, with the shorter days and colder weather leave you feeling moody, irritable and craving sugar, then please be sure to check it out. I explain what steps you can take and which delicious earthy foods you should eat to help nourish you and stave of seasonal winter depression! Here is the link:

Read My Tips for Fighting the Winter Blues!

crazysexycancerFor those of you not familiar with Crazy, Sexy, Life and Kris Carr, its founder, Kris is an amazing woman who was diagnosed with stage four cancer many years ago and set about healing it naturally with a raw foods diet and other holistic treatments. She documented her journey in the interesting, moving and very often, funny documentary, Crazy, Sexy, Cancer, turning her into somewhat of a spokesperson for the potential of alternative medicine and a holistic lifestyle. If you want to be moved and inspired, check out Kris’ story on her website, Crazy, sexy, cancer.

latham-thomasI want to also send a special hello to the amazing and beautiful Latham Thomas who I had the opportunity and good fortune to meet a few weeks ago. Latham is based in New York City and is a doula (provides emotional assistance to a mother or pregnant couple before, during or after childbirth), health savvy expectant mom guru and prenatal yoga instructor! To learn more about her work, check out her website, Tender Shoots Wellness. Latham is a beautiful soul inside and out.

lake-districtAs I mentioned, I am writing this from the Lake District in England where I came for a hiking holiday only to be met with floods in the area and lots of indoor time at the inn. This leaves a lot of time for writing, which is good, but unfortunately, not a lot of exercise! But I am happy to say that I have been able to find some healthy meals in the charming pubs that are so much a part of British culture and even had a sweet potato and eggplant tangine here in the heart of fish and chips land. Hopefully, if I keep my choices healthy, and if the weather cooperates for even a bit of hiking, no damage will have been done.

Thanks again to Corinne Bowen, CSL’s editor for the great opportunity to write for them. I hope you all check out my guest post on their site (don’t forget to read the comments and leave your own feedback) and also spend some time perusing the many additional articles that they have posted from some of the most prominent people in alternative health care and green living!