Valentine’s Day Treat: Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and I have a special Motivational Monday for you to help you celebrate the day sweetly and healthfully!

If you watched last week’s video, then you saw me make guilt-free dark chocolate, a recipe shared with me by a friend, Catherine Boyer. In today’s video I am going to show you how to turn that chocolate into a creamy delicious sauce that you can dip strawberries into to make a healthy, guilt-free Valentine’s Day gift for your lover.

Chocolate has the potential to be very high in antioxidants, which have been shown to protect against heart disease. Unfortunately though, through the manufacturing process, a lot of those antioxidants are processed out in order to make the end result more palatable. The version I shared with you last week, serves up a sweet, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate that tastes great and is good for you. Today we are upping the ante by using strawberries, which are also a good source of antioxidants, turning this treat into a powerful heart healthy food.

Rather than spending a lot of money on processed chocolate that will only leave you feeling logy and guilty in the end, try this version and show your honey that you love them and their heart! And if you are spending Valentine’s Day alone this year, make this treat for yourself! What better way to show yourself you care than by taking the time and effort to make yourself a healthy and yummy treat?!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! And a happy Monday!