Video: The Health Benefits of Coconut & Its Oil

Many of you may be aware of the benefits of coconut water and may already be enjoying the amazing hydrating benefits of that beverage. But what some of you may not know that coconuts have a whole host of health benefits that come from the fat and the meat contained inside.

Coconut oil is one of the best fats to cook in not only because of it’s high smoke point, but also because of it’s health benefits. Research shows that coconut oil can help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, making it a healthy cooking fat for cardiac function. It also, more recently, has been shown to be a great alternative fuel source for the brain other than glucose. An aging brain can often times have difficulty in absorbing glucose, which is it’s primary fuel source and when this happens memory and cognition decline, as seen in Alzheimer’s. By using coconut oil, you offer the brain an alternative fuel source that it well absorbs and in turn brain function can stabilize and in some cases improve. Additionally, coconut oil is excellent for hydrating your skin and your hair! All great reasons to incorporate coconut oil into your diet. You’ll also hear about great ways to include coconut flakes into your diet for a delicious, healthy kick to some of your favorite recipes.

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