Video: Herbal Teas to Assist Weight Loss

Looking to lose a few pounds before summer? Want to know what you can do to burn more fat and cut your starch absorption? Then you are going to love today’s video.

Tune in to find out what tea will help detoxify your liver and reduce the inflammation associated with obesity. In addition you’ll learn of a tea that if consumed regularly will actively help you burn fat and calories… as many as 80 calories a day which can amount to an 8 pound weight loss per year—just from drinking tea!

You’ll also learn about a tea that can be a great after meal beverage that will not only signal the end of your meal, but also help to slow the digestion and absorption of starches. In addition, these teas have awesome health benefits that will also contribute to a healthier heart and body. If you stay tuned until the end you’ll also learn what I’ve done over the past 8 weeks that has helped me lose 6 pounds—without a whole lot of effort!

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Have a Great Monday!
~ B