Detoxification for Improved Health

Regular detoxification is a great practice for perpetuating and maintaining a healthy body. It is a custom that has been performed for centuries by religious groups and individuals alike in an effort to heal and restore the body.

When most people think about detoxification, they think about the Lemonade diet, also known as the Master Cleanse or a raw juice diet, done for several days to actively and quickly rid the body of toxins that can promote disease. These strenuous detoxification plans, while beneficial for some, are challenging to adhere to and can sometimes leave the person feeling weak and sick. There are a lot of toxins in the body and clearing them too quickly can overburden the liver and cause secondary problems. These sorts of detoxification programs should be done under the supervision of a practitioner experienced in detoxification.

There is a way to cleanse your body and promote detoxification simply by changing your diet and optimizing your nutrition. Using a prescriptive, nutritious and healthy eating plan that eliminates foods devoid of nutrition or that rob the body of nutrients while incorporating foods and supplements that help to boost energy, assist in cellular repair, clean the liver, lymphatic system and circulatory system, you can undergo a systematic detoxification process that leaves you feeling invigorated, vibrant and happy without the usual consequences of cleansing such as extreme hunger, fatigue and irritability. As your body gently moves toxins through your liver and out your body you will notice that the appearance of your skin will improve, your energy will soar, you will sleep better and all those annoying aches and pains will begin to subside. And the best part is that you won’t feel hungry. You will cleanse as you eat nutritious, delicious and healthy food.