Nutrition Therapy for Natural Weightloss & Maintenance

Diets don’t work. We all know this and many of us have first hand experience of this fact, yet we habitually and cyclically fool ourselves into believing that the latest fad diet or low carb craze is going to be the plan that once and for all gets us in shape and keeps us there. But after three days of eating lettuce and chicken, we feel bored and depressed and, like a heat seeking missile, suddenly find ourselves half way through a pint of Ben and Jerry’s with no intention of stopping until we finish it off, watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey. Sound familiar?

It is true that eating well and exercise are the only ways to lose weight and keep it off. However, there are some specific habits, that when implemented regularly, can help boost your metabolism, burn fat and get you to your goal faster.

Our bodies are like test tubes, and like any science experiment, it reacts to what you put in it. When you give in to sugar cravings, you can guarantee you’ll want more in short order and you will have a difficult time not only losing weight, but also, getting your cravings and impulses under control. If you skip breakfast you are more than likely to overeat at dinner and after dinner. Your body needs a certain amount of nutrition in proper quantities and varieties and with some sort of regularity throughout the day. It has a job to do and needs the fuel to accomplish these tasks. If you feed it properly it helps to rev your metabolism while efficiently utilizing the calories in the form of fuel to animate, invigorate, heal and restore your body. This is a body in optimal working order.

Yet, there is no one set plan or eating style that suits everyone. While some people thrive on various small meals throughout the day, others do best with less frequent and more substantial meals. And there are those that prefer to eat only when hungry but are unsure what to eat at those times to keep themselves feeling energized and strong. We are all different, with varying needs, so it stands to reason that one diet does not fit all.

This is why I work with you and your lifestyle to help you design an optimal eating style that will help stabilize your metabolism, help you to make better food choices without angst and get you to your healthiest and most sustainable weight.