“hi there Joe Murawski here. Just want to let you know i have been following your videos for the past five months. Doing the raw veggie and fruit thing for a while now. Never cheated once. And i mean never cheated once and to date i have lost 45 lbs. 50 lbs was my goal. I have 5 more pounds to go. thank you for posting your advice out there. I went from a 38 waist to a 32 waist. I FEEL GREAT! Thank You!”
Joe Murawski

“I first heard Barbara speak to a committee of psychotherapists on the topic of nutritional support for clients recovering from addictions. I have since referred several of my private psychotherapy clients (with and without addiction issues) to Barbara for nutritional counseling. Her knowledge of nutrition, how it affects our brains, and therefore what people need to feed themselves healthfully is extensive. But just as important is the feedback that I’ve heard from each person. They feel guided, but not judged, and are therefore open to implementing the changes she recommends. I would turn to her with any nutritional questions I might have.”
Pamela Rosenblum, MS NCPysA, Psychotherapist

“Barbara has the best way of explaining the benefits of nutrition and the process necessary for weight management. She is better than any magazine article or book I have ever read on the topic of health. She has given me the tools to help me achieve the goals I have been working hard towards. Barbara has motivated me to change my life for the better.”
Jackie M., Fashion Merchandiser

“A professional like Barbara Mendez is invaluable to patients as they learn to make new healthy food choices. She offers tremendous support during the often difficult transition individuals face when changing their eating habits. In addition, Barbara’s in-depth knowledge of the benefit of supplements in reversing many chronic illnesses and promoting wellness is an important asset.”
Mary Scanlon-O’Kelly, M.D. , Integrative Medicine

“Barbara Mendez is a highly skilled nutritionist with a wealth of knowledge in holistic medicine. Barbara’s training as a pharmacologist, combined with her expertise in nutrition and her holistic approach to well-being, makes her a uniquely gifted practitioner. Barbara and I have worked together with a number of my eating disorder clients and the collaboration has been highly effective. Barbara not only “knows her stuff” but also has a deep understanding of the psychology behind eating disorders. Barbara possesses the ability to move her clients along in their nutritional programs with perfect timing. She is a positive, energetic and caring practitioner.”
Shelley Eisenberg

“Hi Barbara, Thought you should know that I had a physical on tuesday and since last year’s I have lost 13 pounds! Also, after 3 weeks on cleanse my cholesterol was 176 with a good ldl (?) Or is it hdl? Vs 212 last year. How about that?! Thanks to you!”
Gloria Appel

“Well… after 3 weeks on the cleanse I can say my skin looks better, I have tons of energy (and I was energized before!), I have not had a single sugar craving, my mind is clear. I am focused and getting things done that I have been putting off. I just feel great over all. I think I am going to make this an annual thing. Thanks for guiding me through this incredible process.”
Allison Diamond, CFO Granite Financial Group

“I am just sorry the class is over.”
Kirsten V, Producer

‘I most enjoyed learning how every day foods can affect your health, and finding out what can improve your health. I thought the class was really great!’
Jenny F, Graphic Designer

“Thank you kindly for your informative presentation. Everyone was raving about the wealth of information they gained from you and the need for flax seed oil! Your contribution was an invaluable asset to our event. Again, thank you for your presence and insight and inspiring all of us. Barbara, It’s true… your’s was the most engaging and informative of all the presentations! I was so proud that you were a presenter that I recommended! Yes, you can use my comments as a testimonial on your site. It would be my honor as you deserve the recognition for your contributions to our event.”

“Class was very informative in an easy to understand way. Lots of valuable information that was easy to relate to every day life. Barbara did a great job of making information seem real and manageable and relevant to life in New York City.”
Sandra R, Writer/Editor

“I most enjoyed learning about the nutrients that are beneficial to my health. Class was wonderful!”
Nancy H, Finance Manager