Welcome To My Website!

I’m Barbara and I am passionate about helping you achieve a healthy, nourished body so that you can maximize your energy and vitality in order to live a life that inspires and excites you!

As an integrative nutritionist and registered pharmacist based in New York City. I specialize in functional nutrition, emotional eating habits, and the science of how food, medicine, and supplements affect happiness and well-being. Thoughtfully mixing health advice and personal guidance, I help clients make small changes that reveal and improve their relationship to food, their bodies, and their emotions—and then use their discoveries to create the life they want.

Using a therapeutic approach, I guide you towards nourishing your entire body, mind, and soul in a physiologically-sound way. Weaving integrative nutrition advice with emotional self-exploration and care, you’ll maximize your health while also feeding and sustaining your personal discoveries and growth. To do so, I will ask you to explore and balance three main priorities—food, feelings, and future—to collectively help you thrive.

As a nutrition therapist, I focus on two vital aspects of healthy eating—what you choose to eat, and why. For many of us, emotional eating and food-related coping skills are the main reasons we struggle with our weight, health, and happiness. My goal is to first help you discover the best foods for optimal well-being while eliminating those that impede mental clarity, skew the metabolism, and create health imbalances. Then, through small changes and better physiology, you can begin to form new habits that help you look and feel great, all while gaining the confidence to create a life that excites you. My program is based on a seasoned perspective culled from science, client success stories, and my own eating struggles. No matter who you are, or what you consume, I guarantee that your relationship to food mirrors how you engage in life.

My hope is for you to achieve long-term health, happiness, and to be fully present in all that you do–but to accomplish this, you have to feel good in your body, so that you have the energy, peace, and radiance to feel inspired every day. So what are you waiting for? I’d love to help you experience the vitality and joy that comes from nourishing yourself in profound ways.