Intelligent Snacking: My Favorite 4 O’Clock Snacks

Most people have an energy dip in the afternoon. The gap of time between lunch and dinner is usually far longer than between breakfast and lunch, and consequently, around mid-late afternoon is the time when we are most likely to succumb to our cravings for sugary snacks, in a futile attemp to hasten a recovery from this slump. Unfortunately, the foods we usually choose in these situations are not nutritionally dense and typically do more harm than good when it comes to maintaining our energy or health goals.

One of the recommendations I make most often is to encourage people to plan ‘Intelligent snacking’. By planning and preparing in advance to have healthy snacks on hand, you can be sure to give your body and brain exactly what it needs in order to make it through the afternoon – and in a way that will keep you alert, balance your mood, satisfy your sweet tooth, and also discourage over-eating later at night during your evening meal.

Watch today’s video for information on why apples with almond butter, or baby carrots with hummus – are my two favorite 4 o’clock snacks. Learn why a little of the right kind of fat should not be avoided, and what my main piece of advice is for you, once you have these snacks on hand (hint: don’t let them go to waste!)

Give intelligent snacking a go, and let me know how it works out for you!