7 Foods To Maximize Liver Health

Happy Monday everyone!

Summer is in full swing and with it, are all the great summer parties! From barbecue’s to clam bakes, summer is a time for festivities and gatherings and why not? It is a great time of the year and we should be out there enjoying every minute as much as we can. I love summer too and by end of May I have my calendar packed with trips to visit out of town friends, parties, and other wonderful events.

But you want to be mindful of the impact that all that food and alcohol is having on your body. Weekly parties or fun out of town trips, take a toll on the proper functioning of your body and what you might find at the end of the summer is that you are not feeling as good as you can be. I see it often, so many of my clients want to detox once summer is over to hit the reset button after eight weeks of overdoing it with food and wine. And detoxing is great! But you can also go about protecting your liver and body every day by just including foods that protect the liver from damage and help it to healthfully regenerate itself. (Click here to listen to my podcast on how to prevent Summer overindulging!)

In today’s video I am going to share with you the 7 foods you should be including in your diet on a regular basis to keep your liver healthy. These foods boost important antioxidants in the liver, stimulate the release of bile and overall, help the liver work optimally. Including them in your diet regularly will help mitigate the impact of barbecued meats and too much alcohol.

Once you have seen what the 7 foods are, I challenge you to begin including at least one of them in your diet right now. Pick one that you don’t currently eat so that you can broaden your palate and get the nutrients that exist in different foods. And I want to hear from you which you choose! So let me know in the comments below~

Enjoy your summer and take in every experience, living it to the fullest! But make sure you are taking care of yourself all the while too!
Have a great Monday!