8 Foods That Lower Cholesterol

Hey everyone and happy Monday!

I hope you are all getting acclimated to the New Year and that your eating has gotten back on track after the holidays. The overindulgence that happens during this time of the year can have an impact on your health and well-being, leaving you feeling tired, sluggish and with a weakened immune response.

When your diet is having such a profound impact on the way you feel, you can bet that it is also affecting you in other ways, particularly your cardiac health.

Did you know that more heart attacks happen during the holidays than any other time of the year, spiking in particular on Christmas and New Year?! There are several reasons this can be the case, stress being one of them. Another obvious reason is the overindulgence that happens during the holidays.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country. Someone dies of a cardiovascular event every 33 seconds!! What is truly unfortunate about this statistic is that heart disease is a highly preventable problem and the way to begin managing it is through your diet.

Of the many risk factors associated with heart disease, cholesterol is Number One! To underscore this point, Zocor, a statin drug used to manage elevated cholesterol levels is the second most dispensed drug in the country!

But Zocor is not the only way to lower your cholesterol levels. The very first thing you can do is take charge of your diet and begin eating in a way that will help you lower your cholesterol and prevent a cardiac event, while helping you to look and feel better~

In todays video I am going to share with you 8 foods you should be including in your diet right now to lower your cholesterol levels. They are all delicious, healthy and have a broad and beneficial effect on your entire body.

Once you have watched the video, I want you to do two things:

1 . Share it with someone in your life that has an elevated cholesterol. Sharing this information can help them improve the quality of their health, and…

2. Tell me in the comments below: what do YOU do to manage your cholesterol levels? Have you been diagnosed with this problem and if so, what do you do to care for yourself? Is there a particular food you eat? A diet you maintain? Or do you exercise regularly to manage this issue?

Let me know as I really want to hear what is working for you!

Heart disease is preventable, yet millions of people die yearly from a disease that is largely in your power to prevent. Take the steps today to get control of your health, your well-being and your longevity and begin including these foods in your diet as soon as possible~ Your heart will thank you for it~

Have a wonderful Monday and I look forward to sharing time with you again next week~

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17 comments on “8 Foods That Lower Cholesterol

  1. AvatarNick

    Most everyone that I know gets confused between HDL and LDL. Half of us get it backward. I now use gramma’s trick to keep the two straight. The good stuff is the Healthy DL, HDL and the bad stuff is the Lousy DL, LDL. It still takes me a second to put healthy with the H and lousy with the L but at the end of that second, I get it right.

  2. AvatarSheila

    Barbara you talk about using Oats I cook oats for breakfast but do you get the same benifits of using uncooked oats in smoothies, Thanks for all your great info I love your videos

    1. AvatarBarbara Mendez, RPh, MS Post author

      Thanks Sheila! So glad you enjoy the videos! Yes, using the oats in your smoothie works just fine. I have a cousin who did that one thing and his cholesterol came down by 20 points! So, enjoy your oats…
      Have a great day!

  3. Avatarjorge mendez

    Great video. I used to love the way brussel sprouts look, but hated the taste. Not anymore! My recipe is to cut them in half, par boil them, strain them and then season them with a bit olive oil and a bit of salt, garlic and pepper. Stirred fried them or put it in the broiler until they start getting brown. They are delicious! Trust me.

    Barbara’s Dad

  4. AvatarBonnie Gitlin

    Hi, Barbara,
    Great video, as usual. I have one question: If not olive oil, what oil do you recommend for cooking? I have heard that Canola is a petroleum based product and therefore not good? I wonder what you think.
    Thanks so much,

  5. Avatarlisa

    thank you for putting this out there – people don’t seem to understand that food is the cause for many diseases! i love your suggestions except for the salmon. i get my omega 3’s from walnuts too. let’s get everyone off these terrible drugs. great work!

  6. AvatarCatherine Boyer

    Great video! I was happy to see that I’m already eating seven out of the eight foods. But then I’ve been coming to you for consults for several years now. 🙂 My cholesterol levels are great.


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