Important Blood Tests to Assess Your Health!

Good morning everyone and welcome back to Motivational Monday!

We all love pictures… in fact, in today’s world we’re picture obsessed, chronicling our lives through photos we post to social media. Whether it’s the places we visit, the meals we eat, or the friends we spend time with, we seem to have a need to take a snapshot to remember how wonderful (or awful) things were.

It’s important to preserve the moments of our lives in this way as a reminder of how lucky we are to have the people and experiences we have, but it’s equally important to be as vigilant about another kind of snapshot, the one that tells you what’s happening inside your body. This means having blood work drawn once or twice a year to help you assess whether or not you need to make some lifestyle or dietary changes to preserve the health you have.

Most doctors run a CBC, a Complete Blood Count which lets you know whether or not you have any anemias or infections, the beginnings of kidney or liver disease. But there are a whole host of other tests that can confirm or reveal issues in your body that may need to be addressed. Knowing these values can help you better manage your health.

In today’s video I will review the most important blood tests to request in order to get a better handle on your health. If you have heart disease in your family, or if you’ve been gaining weight, losing hair or feeling sluggish, you’ll want to tune in and find out what blood tests you should discuss with your doctor to correct any imbalances that may be compromising your wellbeing.

Information is power, and the more you know, the better you can protect yourself from future problems or heal from current ones, so check out today’s video and see what tests might be important for you.

It’s good to be back to Motivational Mondays! It’s been a lovely couple of weeks and in addition to loads of cooking, I worked on several projects I have in the pipeline… I’ve missed you though, and it’s nice to be back!

Wishing you a happy and healthy day and a wonderful week!