Podcast: Mindfulness & the Art of Choice

Nutrition PodcastIn this podcast episode I’m joined by relationship specialist Dr. Karen Sherman, author of ‘Mindfulness and the Art of Choice’. The book focuses on overcoming our conditioning to help us make positive changes in our lives. We discuss how our minds are patterned to work and how we often operate from an habitual way of thinking or reacting to things. Dr. Sherman wants to encourage us to fearlessly make choices and explore our options so that we’re able to make fresh decisions for each new day. “It’s important to recognize that there are always choices and options,” Dr. Sherman says. “I see choice as the tool that opens the doorway to emotional freedom. When we walk through the door, our fullest potential is available to us as well as to others.” I found the book fascinating and enjoyed talking with Dr. Sherman about the life transforming concepts within it. If you’ve read the book or have any feedback after listening to the show, please comment sharing your thoughts and feedback.