Get Nourished: A Retreat for Body, Mind, and Soul in the Colorado Rockies! (August 25-28)

A Retreat to Heal Your Body, Feed Your Spirit, and Help you Create the Life You Want!

Join me for my first retreat event in Boulder, Colorado, on August 25th to 28th, 2016! This four-day experience includes nutrition talks, cooking classes, yoga and hiking in one of the most beautiful places in the States. You’ll learn how to nourish yourself in a way that helps you feel vital and vibrant so you can thrive in your life. There will also be time for you to explore Boulder so you can customize your weekend for maximum enjoyment. It is a quaint small town, and I am excited to host this retreat there!

Included in the Retreat

  • Three cooking classes that cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    We’ll then enjoy these delicious meals together, sharing a table with new friends
  • Four nutrition talks that will cover:
    ~ How to change your eating habits for sustainable long term success
    ~ How some common food allergens may keep you from your healthiest weight and feeling and looking your best.


~ Practices you can embrace to help you manage emotional eating.
    ~ Tools to help you rejuvenate your life so food is no longer an emotional outlet
  • Yoga—tailored to all levels, including beginners!
  • Gentle hiking—optional, but highly encouraged 🙂
  • Evening writing exercises
  • Recipes and other materials to take home so you can continue your journey!


Who is This Retreat For?

This retreat is for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of healthy eating, particularly as it relates to what you choose to eat, and as importantly, why. Our eating habits and the emotional baggage that fuels them are the main reasons we struggle with our weight, health, and sense of fulfillment. I’ll help you discover the best foods for optimal well-being while eliminating those that impede mental clarity, skew the metabolism, and create health imbalances. I’ll teach you how to begin to heal your body through a series of small changes, which will give you the focus and energy to make wise and meaningful choices in and out of the kitchen. We’ll also cover practices and exercises that will steer you through the challenging terrain of emotional eating. As you improve your physiology while negotiating emotional saboteurs, you’ll cultivate an effective eating style that will allow you to look and feel great, while gaining the inspiration to create a life that satisfies you.

My hope is for you to achieve health, happiness, and fulfillment. I want you to feel good in your body, so that you have the energy, peace, and radiance to feel inspired every day.

There are no age limits or prerequisites in terms of age or fitness to attend this retreat. All you need is the desire to take control of your health, learn about nutrition, meet some new friends, and be inspired in a beautiful location! There will be opportunity to engage in gentle but invigorating movement to clear your mind (yoga and hiking) and help kick-start your way to conscious eating! If you have any questions as to whether this retreat is right for you, send me an email at


Getting to Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is located approximately one hour from Denver International Airport. Transportation options include rental car, airport shuttle and the economic RTD bus which brings you directly to Boulder for $13. Boulder is a walkable city that is well serviced by its own bus network. This means you can literally get around without transportation if you stay in the downtown area.



Everyone has a different lodging budget and accommodation preferences. With the variety of online booking options, we have found that most people prefer to shop around and grab hotels that appeal to their pocket book and comfort scale. Boulder has a large selection of lodging options ranging from luxury to suite style hotels to economical. Lots of cozy bed and breakfast options are also available. Here are some suggestions:


Registration and Trip Planning Details

The cost of the retreat is $950 per person. Space is limited. Cost includes cooking classes, nutrition classes, yoga classes, hiking expeditions, all handouts and materials. (Rate does not include travel or accommodation). Plan to arrive at the retreat location by 3:00pm on Thursday 25th of August. The retreat ends Sunday, August 28th after lunch. Click here to sign up for this retreat!