A Simple Way to Avoid Sugar

Good morning and happy Monday!

I’m happy to share with you that I have found a new videographer! Now you can expect to see more videos in the coming months. His name is Jacob and he’s a first year film student at NYU, so it’ll be exciting to see what talents he’ll bring to the site to help make Motivational Monday as great as it can be! Please share with me in welcoming Jacob to my team 🙂

Regular viewers on my videos know my opinion of sugar and how bad it can be for your immunity, vitality, energy, cognition and longevity. More immediately, it will destabilize your metabolism, skewing your appetite and cravings, making you want more and more, keeping you from getting a handle on your weight and health.

But how much is too much? Is there wiggle room for some without it becoming a problem?

In today’s video I share with you a simple tool to use when you’re tempted to eat sugar. It’s information that you can use to assess if you really want the amount of sugar a food delivers. I’ve shared this info with so many of my clients who’ve reported that remembering and using this one tip has kept them from countless temptations that would otherwise throw them off track. Check it out and see what you think.

Additionally, I explain how sugar is metabolized by the body and exactly how it stores fat, making it hard for you to lose. Once you know and understand this information, it’ll be hard to look at cookies in the same way again!

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback and comments below. Are you surprised by the amount of sugar in some of your favorite snacks? Does this information make it easier for you to clean out your cupboards of temptation? Let me know below.

Thanks as always for tuning in—I appreciate you all very much!

Have a great Monday!

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25 comments on “A Simple Way to Avoid Sugar

  1. AvatarIrene

    I’m aware of how much sugar is in foods and I choose healthy natural foods and lots of vegetables. My issue is that I crave sweets, especially after a meal. After dinner I’ll have some dark chocolate or a scoop of ice cream. I don’t really have a weight problem (110 lbs) but I know I do consume these sweets.

  2. AvatarFrank B.

    Hi Ms. Mendez,

    I’m a 52 y.o. male nurse, who has some knowledge of “Allopathic or Western Medicine”…but please, don’t hold that against me please! We both know that the American Medical process,…other than in dealing with Acute bone trauma, etc….is wholly inadequate.

    If you ever wanted to hire/train an assistant…to build your business beyond what you’re doing now…..feel free to get in contact with me. Medicine does not work. Our bodies were given by God….God works….and we were made in his image…therefore….the knowledge of how to make our bodies work better…will be Godly. I believe your information is Godly and logical.

  3. AvatarFrancesca

    Hi B! Another great and informative video–as always. I’ll forward it to those who i know can benefit from this info. And you look great in this video. Congratulations on a successful project with your new videographer. Despite the minor sugar bowl issue, it’s beautifully filmed and edited! Can’t wait for more 🙂

  4. AvatarLouise DiSclafani

    I learned how to read the sugar label a number o f years ago, fortunately. Now the battle is finding good food with very little sugar!!

  5. AvatarLydia

    As a woman in menopause i am struggling with sweet cravings…what is the best way to combat this.
    Any ideas are welcome

    1. AvatarAnne

      Haapy you have Jacob a new videographer now.
      It makes a huge difference in your own environment and spirit.

  6. AvatarMartine Byer

    Hi Barbara,

    Welcome back. I watch and recommend you to clients in my therapy practice regularly. I heard about you from
    Dr. Patrick Fratellone.

    To introduce myself..here is my recent article.

    I am interested in filming this as a talk and wonder if you would share your videographer information.. I think you do a wonderful presentation and look great on camera.

    Kindest regards, Martine J. Byer, LCSW

  7. AvatarSylvia Moritz

    Hi Barbara,

    Your videos are very informative. I have learned to better read labels and have really cut back on sugar.

    A few tech tips
    Get a better mic–you sound like you are calling out across the room.
    Also–I couldn’t see what was in the dishes–there was no camera shot to show the amount of sugar.



    1. AvatarBarbara Mendez RPh MS Post author

      Thank you Sylvia! Yes, we are aware of the sugar in the bowls not being as visible and that the sound wasn’t great~ Hoping that the coming videos are better, although the next 3 will likely be somewhat similar 🙂
      Thank you for your feedback! I so appreciate it!

  8. AvatarDeborah Bower

    My first Monday video! I watched your beverage video. You are the only one who reached me. I threw out my Coke Zero. I have always said, “If you can put your hand in it and eat it, you probably shouldn’t”. I have always felt the further away you eat from God’s table, the more chemicals you’ll consume. I was concerned this could lead to cancer and other health problems. My husband says we don’t have anything to eat; we have ingredients. I’m German so I have a sweet tooth the size of Manhattan. Now I get harassed from my Internist about my A1C. A cookbook that really opened my eyes to nutrition was The Natural Healing Cookbook by Mark Bricklin. But watching you, has been so motivating. It is so easy to slip and opt for convenience. I hate doing this but because of my husband’s heart condition, I had to create a low sodium seasoning. My website is http://www.pinch22.com. It comes in spicy and original. I have recipes, some are family favorites. I’d like to send you a free sample of my Spicy to try. I will get it in the mail today. Your bean salad was delicious. I can’t wait to try the Kale Pesto. I had the bean salad with Red Snapper Veracruz. So simple to cook. Thought you might like it, too.
    3 T cooking oil, 1 medium onion, chopped, 3-4 garlic cloves, minced, 5 Roma tomatoes, peeled, chopped, 10 large Spanish olives, quartered, 2 T capers, 3 bay leaves, 6 peppercorns, salt , pepper. We used about a 1lb. fillet of Red Snapper.
    Heat oil in a large saucepan. Add onion, cook till translucent. Add garlic, cook till fragrant. Add tomatoes, olives, capers, bay leaves, peppercorns and salt & pepper. Bring to boil, reduce heat. Simmer uncovered for 10 minutes. Sprinkle fish with salt & pepper. With your spatula, make a place in the center of the pan for fish. Place fish in pan and cover with sauce. Bring back to a boil; reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes or until fish flakes easily. Hope you will try it. I too love olives. I stopped cooking with olive oil since reading Taubes and Nina Teicholz. Now I buy the good stuff and just use for dressing with lemons and limes. I wish medical doctors would start asking people the simple question of “What do you eat”. Instead, they want to write prescriptions. Please keep educating us and exposing us to new food items. Love your videos.

  9. AvatarRose Littlejohn

    Hi Barbara,

    So wonderful to see these videos continue. I have learned so much from you about avoiding sugar, and it has been very helpful to me over the years. This video was a great reminder to go back and take a look at how much sugar is in the foods we commonly eat. The good news is I am following for the most part and have incorporated a number of the healthier options you shared but from time to time I do go for bars or other sugary snacks and always a great reminder and to be careful. Thank you for the video and hope you are having a good Spring.

    All the best, Rose

  10. AvatarAudrey Cohen

    I am so happy that Jacob will now make your own videos. You are much more natural (less artificially made-up) than in the videos posted on that commercial site. Bravo! This vidoeo was great technically and educationally.

    Is there any sugar that is more healthful than white processesed cane sugar or are all sugars equally bad?

    1. AvatarBarbara Mendez RPh MS Post author

      Thanks Audrey! I feel great to be back with the videos!
      As for your sugar question… if you’re using sugar for coffee or tea, then honey or maple syrup is a bit better although still sugar. For baking I like using date sugar or coconut sugar. They have a more muted insulin response. No matter what you do though, look to reduce quantity~
      I hope this helps!

  11. AvatarNancy

    I started this two years ago and have lost 65 pounds. The amazing thing was that it wasn’t difficult. Neither giving up the sugar nor losing the weight. However, I don’t care for dates. Is there an alternative when baking?

    1. AvatarBarbara Mendez RPh MS Post author

      WOW! That’s amazing Nancy~ Just one simple shift can be so profound, isn’t that true?
      When I bake I use coconut sugar OR date sugar as an alternative to table sugar..
      Congratulations on your amazing results!


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