Video: Fortify Your Blood with these Vegetarian Sources of Iron-Rich Foods!

Has your doctor recently suggested you take an iron supplement? Whether it is because you have been diagnosed with anemia, or you are pregnant, it is important to keep iron levels in the blood consistent so that you can feel great, vibrant and energized.

In today’s video I will be showing you how easy it is to meet your daily Iron requirements through food. While most people think they need to eat beef or liver to get adequate iron in the blood, this is simply not true! There are plenty of other foods available that contain readily assimilated iron.

In addition I will tell you about the one supplement that can increase your absorption of iron through the foods you eat and the one beverage you should avoid to maximize your absorption of iron.

Whether you are pregnant, lactating, have been recently diagnosed with anemia or any other medical condition in which your doctor has recommended iron supplementation for you, check out this week’s video to see how you can use food to meet some of your daily iron needs.

Once you’ve watched the video, I want you to answer one question for me in the comment section below, and that is:

Have you ever been diagnosed with anemia and then managed the situation naturally? If you did, what did you do to make that happen? If you didn’t what did you try instead, and was it effective? Let me know below, as I love to get your feedback.

Thanks everyone! And have a great Monday!

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13 comments on “Video: Fortify Your Blood with these Vegetarian Sources of Iron-Rich Foods!

  1. AvatarPilar Gil

    Hi Barbara! Thank you for giving us so great advices! This one has a particular interest to me cause I have lack of iron in blood sometimes. And, let me add that you look so pretty! Big hug.

  2. AvatarJ & I

    Great video! Lots of very useful information! If we keep up listening to what you tell us, we will probably live forever!
    The addition of pumpkin seeds to your diet sounds like an easy enough way to increase iron to your diet..

  3. AvatarRayna Davis

    Hello Barbara

    Thank you for these nutrition videos, I am learning so much. I have a question regarding iron. I am not a vegetarian and have long sought to supplement my iron with meat several times a week. I was diagnosed as anemic in my late teens (I am actually not sure if I am anemic anymore!!!).

    Is there a difference between the type of iron I am getting from meat (organic, lean, red meat) as to what i would get from vegetable sources. Is it differently absorbed? I am in a quandary as i would like to cut down on my red meat consumption for other health reasons, but it is this iron issue that has always made me resist going more veggie.


    1. AvatarBarbara

      Thanks Rayna, for your great question! Meat is a more concentrated form of iron, so you definitely get more from meat. While it takes longer for meat to be digested and the nutrients to be absorbed, it is a better source or iron…
      But not if you’re a vegetarian! The sources of iron I mention in the video are great, particularly Black Strap Molasses, so go ahead and try that and use the vitamin C to enhance absorption~ Thanks again Rayna!

  4. AvatarCathy

    I’m in shock at how much iron is in pumpkin seeds! I’ll have to add them back into my nuts and seeds mix. For some reason I stopped buying them and I’m not sure why.

  5. AvatarJon Sheppard

    Thanks Barbara! I look forward to incorporating today’s tip into my diet. BTW, I tried the Sun-dried Tomato Pesto this past weekend on some baked rice dough (like a pizza:)) and it was AWESOME!

  6. AvatarKim @ The Soulicious Life

    A long-time vegetarian, I consistently find myself low on iron or anemic, especially when I forget to take a food-based iron supplement regularly. Though she’s healthy and full of energy, I worry about iron with my toddler as well who is also vegetarian. I’m going to give the daily dose of blackstrap molasses a try. Sounds easy enough!


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