Brrr… Winter is Here, and with it, Cold and Flu Season…

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed a lovely, if unseasonably cold weekend! Amazing how the weather has just plummeted but I am still holding out hope for an Indian Summer….

It seems that with this sudden drop in temperature, everywhere I turn people are sniffling and sneezing, groaning and coughing with various colds, flus and even infectious bronchitis and strept throat! Seems early in the year for this, doesn’t it? But no worries! Because today I am going to show you what you can do to fortify your immune system and stay healthy throughout the winter!

I am re-releasing a great video on Immune Boosting Tea! This video is one of the more popular ones on my blog and I have gotten emails from people around the world telling me that they not only love the taste of the tea, but that it helped them fight off and prevent everything from a cold to the flu and even sinus infections!

Pass this video onto your friends and family so that they too can stay healthy in the colder months ahead—I am sure they will appreciate it. And let me know what you think in the comments below. As always, I value your feedback and love to hear how you’ve incorporated these suggestions into your life!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone and stay healthy!

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4 comments on “Brrr… Winter is Here, and with it, Cold and Flu Season…

  1. AvatarEulalia Fernandez

    Hi Barbara,
    T he recipe for this tea was a big help when I recently had bronchitis. I made it
    and it really did help me feel better.


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