7 Habits for Healthy Bones (Re-Thinking Dairy and Calcium)

Good morning everyone and happy Monday!

In my 20’s, the health concerns of mid-life seemed like a million years away. My thoughts on heart disease or osteoporosis, two common health concerns of middle aged women, is that they would ever affect me. And so far, they haven’t. But that may be because a wise doctor once told me; “start now. Don’t wait until middle age to strengthen your bones or protect your heart. By then, it may be too late. The time to act is now.”

Funny enough, I had been using eye cream beneath my eyes for years by then in the hopes it would keep me aging too quickly on the outside. It never occurred to me that I should do the same for my insides. My excuse? I was a miserable pharmacist and less aware of how I cared for myself. But I’ve woken up since then and I see clearly that it is far easier to stay well than to get well.

Twenty years ago the main treatment modality for the prevention of osteoporosis was calcium supplementation and exercise. Dairy products were consumed in huge quantities as well because there was less understanding of the potential gastrointestinal challenges that dairy presents. Vitamin D had not yet become the superstar nutrient it is now, and green drinks were gross concoctions enjoyed by the hippy fringe. Thankfully, times have changed…

In today’s video, I am going to share with you 7 vital habits you need to start working on today to help protect and maintain your bone density. No matter where you are on the nutritional spectrum, whether full on organic vegan or junk-food junkie, you need to educate yourself on what you can do to protect and maintain healthy bone. And it’s not just your bones that will benefit, but also your heart and your entire system.

In addition, I briefly review the potential challenges of dairy and calcium supplementation so that you can then speak with your health care practitioner and educate yourself on what the best approach would be for you.

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you! Have you ever been diagnosed with osteoporosis or it’s precursor, osteopenia? If so, what nutritional modality did you employ to help you maintain your bones? And if you’re still in your 20’s or 30’s what do you do to help keep your bones healthy well into your 50’s? Let me know in the comments below.

I am always grateful to share Monday’s with you! I hope you have a spectacular day!