Healthy Habits for Healthy Hair!

Happy Monday everyone!

One of the most prevalent questions I get from my female clients is what they can do to have healthier, stronger hair. Whether it’s because their hair is falling out or is of poor quality, it is a major concern.

Today’s Motivational Monday is Part One of a three part trilogy that I will be posting over time on what you can do to have healthier hair.

In today’s video I will review the health considerations you should look at to make sure that everything in your body is running smoothly. There is a delicate hormonal balance called your endocrine system that needs to be healthfully maintained in order to have healthy hair. I will review those considerations (one of which is stabilizing your blood sugar which I discussed in depth recently on a MM) as well as blood work that might be necessary for you to have drawn to make sure there is not a serious underlying medical issue that may be contributing to your hair loss.

In addition I will review lifestyle factors that need to be in place so that you may have the healthy hair you want.

Once you watch the video, I’d love to hear from you! Have you ever struggled with poor quality hair or hair loss? If so, what steps did you take to make it better? Let me know in your comments below.

Wishing you all a wonderful week-

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6 comments on “Healthy Habits for Healthy Hair!

  1. AvatarCarol

    Hi Barbara,
    Great that you are addressing hair loss! As you know, that is what brought me to you in the first place as I had an extreme case of hair loss, having lost almost half a head of hair. I have followed many of your nutrition suggestions and, thankfully, have been able to minimize the severe stress in my life. My acupuncturist (I tried everything I could think of) put me onto the Invati hair system by Aveda which I have been using for about two years now and, I feel, has contributed to my regrowth along with all your healthy lifestyle suggestions. I no longer have any bald sections and love seeing all the fine hairs that are continuously filling them in. Thanks again for this and all your wonderful Motivation Mondays!

  2. AvatarLynn Nevins

    One other suggestion that may or may not be obvious is….coloring one’s hair (especially with harsh colorants or bleaches versus say a simple henna) can often be detrimental to the overall health and appearance of the hair. Some women (and men) are so adamant about ‘looking young’ which in their minds means ‘no grey/white hair’. But over-processing one’s hair (especially as one gets older and when over an extended length of time) just destroys the hair, and can often result in ‘strange’ hair colors. Sometimes nature really does know best, and I’ve seen many an older woman with ‘natural’ hair that looked much better than many women with ‘processed hair’.

  3. AvatarLori russell

    Hi Barbara: I agree with your suggestions and have changed into a very healthy woman now. I wanted to add one more hair changing suggestion. I make all my own shampoo and conditioner. After reading about all the toxins and chemicals in our everyday personal care, I now make my own and my families. I think cutting these toxins out also improves my hair. It is very thick and healthy. Lori.


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