A Brave New World ~ Nutritional Commitments for the New Year

This blog post is an adaptation of a segment originally posted in the January 2009 issue of my monthly nutrition & wellness newsletter ‘Elements’. If you missed it, you can download a copy by clicking here. It contains great health tips and recipes that compliment these themes of ‘change’ & ‘commitment’. I had such amazing feedback, I decided to share it here on my new blog!

As 2008 came to a close, I really thought about how I was going to make 2009 different from every year before it. I have had many aspirations throughout the years, both personal and professional, yet year after year I would find myself resolving that the coming year was the year that it was all going to happen. Whether it be taking my business to another level, writing more, working out more or even taking better care of myself (there is always room for improvement), I would find that another opportunity for abundance in all those areas faltered and another year had passed without my hitting my mark.

This year is no different in my desire to create change. What is different is the way I am going about it.

Because I am a nutritionist, I felt that part of my foundation for change had to involve a personal nutritional commitment. A daily nutritional practice to help ground me in my daily attitude and motivation towards creating the change I wanted to see in my life, almost like an offering to the Universe to show that I am serious. I quickly decided that I was going to avoid wheat, dairy and sugar 100%. I already adhered to this practice about 85%, but decided to go for complete abstinence to see what I would learn. Since I was already practicing this for a long time, this didn’t feel like a tremendous sacrifice, so I decided to take it a step further and give up alcohol too, but with a caveat: When I travel I can have wine.

Now we are getting into challenging territory! Wine is one of my favorite luxury items. I love the way it smells, the way it tastes and the entire ritual of uncorking a bottle, letting it breathe, pouring it into over sized glasses and then swirling it before tasting. I really am into the whole ceremony of it. So giving it up is quite the challenge. Yet, my hopes for this year exceed my love of wine~ actually, they exceed my love of most things. I want what I have mapped out on my vision board more than I want a glass of wine with dinner, or bread with my meal. That visual reminder is a powerful tool that helps me focus on what I want and makes it easier to let go of what I don’t need, which in turn will help me get closer to what I want. When I am challenged, I remember my vision board and I resist temptation. And a funny thing happens; with each temptation overcome, my confidence grows and my commitment deepens.

So I ask you; what do you want 2009 to deliver to you? Is it a healthier body, a better job, financial freedom, or a lasting relationship? Whatever it is, decide that this is the year it is going to happen and then set about making it so. Create a vision board or write out what you want this year to look like for you and then look at them every day. By reinforcing what you want, it dims the negativity in your mind that tells you it isn’t possible. Then make a nutritional commitment to yourself. I have been doing this with all my clients and I ask them to view it like they are building the foundation of a house, on which walls and a roof can be created. It is the building block to creating the life you want. Then pick a challenge. And pick just one thing. Let go of wheat. Or give up dairy or perhaps sugar for a whole year. If that doesn’t resonate for you, then perhaps your goal can be to make sure you get all your fruit and vegetable servings in every day. Or you can commit to fasting a few days a month, or drinking eight glasses of water every day. It doesn’t have to be elimination, it can be inclusion, but what it must be is consistent and daily and non-negotiable. It should also be challenging but not impossible. Giving up Brussel sprouts would not qualify. It has to be something that will make you stretch and grow as a person.

As you continue with this practice without faltering, you will see your confidence grow. You will find yourself feeling inspired and motivated for the events of your life. It will transcend physical benefits and begin working on your mind. I promise it can change the outcome of this year and make it the year that everything turned around. Don’t waste time, for life is short and death is certain. Begin now.

To help inspire others, share your past personal commitments here and your stories about the ways in which keeping them have helped you. If this is new territory, then how do you feel about such brave new steps?

Wishing you only good things in 2009!

Sincerely, In health~