Welcome to My Blog!

So often ideas will come to me in a typical day that makes me think, “I should write about this in my newsletter.” Sometimes it’s trivial sometimes profound, but either way, typically, by the time I sit down to write about it for the newsletter, the exact content and intention of it is gone and what is left is a fuzzy idea of what I had once thought might be useful. A friend of mine, who loves knitting blogs, suggested I start a nutrition blog in order to keep in closer contact with my clients and provide daily and weekly tips, suggestions and inspiration for those out there looking to improve their health.

I loved the idea! What a great way to communicate my own health intentions and challenges. I loved it!

What you can expect from Barbara’s Healthy Lifestyle Blog, is daily or weekly insights, suggestions and motivations to keep you on track when you may be feeling like your intention is waning. I’ll also use this opportunity to comment on the latest trends in nutrition and daily news stories on the latest in health. Unlike Elements ~ Healthy Living News, my newsletter, which covers a different topic of nutrition monthly and goes into greater depth on how to heal or manage certain conditions, the Blog will be more casual, upbeat, spontaneous and fun. I hope it inspires interaction and in turn, the potential for all of us to help and support one another. I look forward to your feedback!

Sincerely, In Health~