Cinnamon: A Yummy Spice that can Help You Lose Weight

Looking for tips to include in your diet that can help you shed a few pounds? Interested in reducing your cravings and appetite? Then check out today’s video to find out the one spice that has been shown to help you lose weight, balance your blood sugar and help reduce your appetite and your cravings.

Once you’ve watched I want you to let me know—in the comments below—the many ways you include cinnamon in your diet, and how you enjoy it best.

Thanks everyone and have a great Monday!



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3 comments on “Cinnamon: A Yummy Spice that can Help You Lose Weight

  1. AvatarCharmaine

    Hello Barbara, I was wondering if cinnamon is dehydrating in any way? Lately I have been adding lots of cinnamon and feel more thirsty than usual, even though I’m drinking lots of water?

  2. AvatarJorge and Iraida Mendez

    Nice video with a helpful, easy way to curb our appetite. As with everything we have learned from you, we will give it a try. It does make sense to add cinnamon to coffee and specially to the sweet potatoes. I guess we will have sweet potatoes “a la Barbara” for dinner tonight!

    Jorge and Iraida


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