Video: Kale Pesto for Cancer Prevention & Boosting Serotonin!

Kale is a dark leafy green vegetable with a very high nutritional value that has been shown to have cancer fighting properties. Yet despite its extraordinary heath benefits, I often hear from my clients that they find it a difficult vegetable to include in their diets because of its tough texture. Back in January I posted a recipe for a hearty kale pesto that is not only delicious but very easy to make. The pesto also includes either pine nuts or walnuts which are a great source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and help boost serotonin production in the brain!

This recipe has become a staple favorite among those who were hesitant to try kale before. The more people I can inspire to incorporate this food into their diet the better, so I’ve made this cooking video that explains exactly why it’s so great for you nutritionally, and I hope it also demonstrates just how incredibly easy it really is to make. Go ahead, give it a go – your body and brain will be grateful!

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6 comments on “Video: Kale Pesto for Cancer Prevention & Boosting Serotonin!

  1. AvatarBrian Lamy

    Barbara, I just went to the Farmers Market this morning and got a great head of kale. Can’t wait to try this out tonight! Thanks.

  2. AvatarLisa

    We are making the kale pesto! And I am watching you again for guidance; I love having you in our kitchen. Looks yummy 🙂


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