Video: Cancer Kicking Quinoa Dish!

Have you heard…? Turmeric is one butt-kicking spice when it comes to cancer! Additionally, it helps to prevent a whole host of health concerns from indigestion to depression and even liver disease!

If you’ve been looking for ways to include Turmeric in your diet in order to benefit from the medicinal properties of this incredible spice, then check out today’s video for an easy and delicious vegan recipe that contains quality protein from the Quinoa, essential fats from nuts and aromatic herbs like cilantro and parsley. This is one delicious way to get healing foods into your body!

And I want to hear back from you!

Do you use Turmeric in your cooking? Share with us how you use Turmeric in your diet so we can benefit from your experiences too!

Thanks everyone!! And have a great Monday!

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16 comments on “Video: Cancer Kicking Quinoa Dish!

  1. AvatarLorri

    I have always been told to rinse my Quinoa before preparing. Did you rinse yours? Yours looked like it was dry to start with. Thank you for the great recipes!

  2. AvatarGretchen

    This recipe is absolutely delicious. I have made it several times. Everyone in my family loves it. I’ve started to experiment a bit. . . Tonight I sauteed some garlic and mushrooms, steamed some petite peas, chopped some green onions to go with the cilantro and parsley, and toasted pecans instead of almonds. I added fresh lemon thyme from my garden to the turmeric and coriander. I used organic vegetable broth instead of water after “popping” the quinoa. Tossed, sprinkled with lemon juice and served with baked sole. (Fresh caught!) I can use your recipes daily. My friends and family are being inundated with your recipes and site!

  3. AvatarJanis

    I make quinoa pretty regularly and I was looking for more interesting ways to prepare it. This sounds delicious, and I love the idea of adding tumeric. Also, I was not familiar with toasting and ‘popping’ the quinoa before adding water. I am definintely going to try your recipe this week.

    Thanks again,

  4. AvatarJorge Mendez

    As usual, a very informative video. We will be eating “quinoa” for the first time, ever!
    We hope it is as delicious and healthy as it sounds.

  5. AvatarSukey Pett

    Barbara – If you’re cooking and you have a little extra time, it’s a nice touch to toast the turmeric and coriander in the olive oil, then take the oil/spice mixture off of the heat, cover and infuse it for about thirty minutes. You can do that with any spice mixture and it adds a deeper dimension.

    Also: last week you talked about cinnamon. One of my favorite summer drinks is iced Red Zinger tea. I don’t sweeten it at all, but when it’s steeping, I toss in either a couple of cinnamon sticks or a couple dashes of powdered cinnamon. Red Zinger is full of vitamin c and antioxidants from the rose hips and hibiscus. It’s extremely astringent, which I find refreshing. Serve it over ice or straight up.

  6. AvatarSanta Medina

    HI Barbara,

    We met at an Association of Legal Administrators session and I have been ready and watching your videos.

    My 2 part question – Is there a store where I can purchase vegetarian foods and meals and can you suggest a vegetarian recipe book? My daughter has recently stopped eating meats and I want to be sure she is eating properly and getting all the necessary nutrients.

    Any information would be appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    Santa Medina

    1. AvatarBarbara

      Hi Santa~ Vegetarian foods can be purchased in any grocery… the staples of the diet are plant based foods such as vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts and seeds, beans, etc, which can be purchased anywhere. If you are looking for pre-cooked vegetarian meals, Whole Foods has a nice variety.
      As for cookbooks, I like The Moosewood Cookbook as well as the Voluptuous Vegan. Both have incredible recipes.
      The main thing to think about it eating a variety of plant based food. Sometimes when someone is new to the vegetarian lifestyle, they tend to lean heavily on pasta, bread, etc… these foods have little nutritional value, so taking the time to make sure there are plenty of veggies, beans, etc, will help to provide the nutrients she needs.
      I hope this helps!

      1. AvatarJOAN KLAPPER

        QUINOA IS VERY TASTY!!!!!!!!!




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