Memorial Day, Navy Retirements and Guacamole Burgers

dave-navyMy friend and neighbor Dave retired from the Navy last week after 26 years of dedicated service. I attended the ceremony at the Naval Operations Support Center on Long Island and was surprised to find myself so moved by it. These men and women have sacrificed years of their lives to protect the freedoms of our country and they take their responsibilities seriously. The precision with which they carried out their roles in this simple ceremony were as sharp as a razors edge, their diligence a clear reflection of their devotion to their branch of the Armed Forces that serves to protect us all.

Take a moment this Memorial Day to remember those that have lost their lives in service to this country and those that continue to serve on our behalf. These men and women give up so much to protect our freedoms and they do it with personal honor and pride for what they stand for. We owe them our gratitude.

Dave retired a highly decorated officer. I wondered as I examined all the medals on his bright white uniform how he didn’t hunch over for the weight of them. As I listened to his colleagues speak of his tenure I thought, if he’s half the naval officer that he is a neighbor, the Navy just retired one of their finest. I’m so grateful that he and his lovely wife Alyson are part of my world.

Wishing you all a healthy Memorial Day! I hope that whatever you are doing you are happy and well!

Turkey Burgers

turkeyburgerssquareBy adding ginger, garlic, and scallions to this recipe, you are building the flavor right into the meat, keeping you from having to add lots of condiments or extra’s to enhance taste. This time I left out the dill because I am adding guacamole to the finished product and didn’t want the dill and cilantro to clash, but the dill gives it a Greek quality, which would go nicely with a sprinkle of feta cheese. You can also make this with ground chicken or lamb meat, but it doesn’t hold up with beef.

You can go ahead and use a traditional bun obviously, but I avoid wheat and try to keep my carb consumption down, so I opted for a steamed collard wrap.

To soften a collard leaf, put 3 inches of water in a large pot and bring to a simmer with a splash of lemon and a pinch of salt. Cut the stem off the collard and submerge it for about 40 seconds. Remove from pot and allow to cool and dry. Then add your burger and any other ingredients you desire. Fold as though you ere wrapping a burrito, folding in the ends as you go along.  Enjoy.


  • Ground Turkey
  • Minced Garlic (approximately 3 cloves per pound of meat)
  • Minced Ginger (approximately 2 teaspoonfuls of minced ginger)
  • Chopped scallion (approx 2 scallions per pound of meat)
  • Optional: Minced fresh dill…Or any herb you prefer( to taste)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Optional Add-On: Guacamole


Combine ingredients and divide into burger patties. Bake at 350’ for 15 minutes or until cooked to preference. You can also barbeque it as well. Be creative and add whatever you wish—Enjoy!

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