Worried about the Signs of Aging? Then Stop Doing These 7 Things!

Good morning everyone and happy Monday!

I have a great video for you today that I know is a hot topic for many people out there and is of personal interest to me: Graceful Aging.

Until recently, my big life-long concern was keeping my weight under control but in more recent years that concern has been supplanted by my concerns about aging well. Time marches on, and it marches across your face (I once heard that in a movie), and for those of us wishing to look as great as we feel, this is the clarion call to step up our game and do all we can to look and feel great!

As it turns out, many of the very things that promote weight gain, accelerate the aging process, so I’ve got myself (and you) covered :D.

In today’s video I am going to show you the 7 habits that could be prematurely aging you. This is important because the aging process does not just affect your appearance, it affects your overall health too! It is vitally important, as you age, to take care of your body from the inside out. As you take the steps necessary to keep inflammation under control thereby promoting a healthy immune system and a robust cardiovascular system, you will find that your appearance benefits too. You will see the puffiness under your eyes get better and your skin will begin to glow, and all the while, your body will be benefiting from the steps you are taking to look and feel your best.

After you watch the video, I want to hear from YOU!

Which of the 7 habits most resonated for you? Which is the one that you think would make the greatest impact on your health and your looks? I challenge you to pick one of the habits mentioned in the video and spend one month working on changing that habit. And then I want to hear your results.

In the comments below, let me know which you are going to choose… then follow up with me as you go along so I can hear how it goes. You will be amazed at how one simple shift in your diet or lifestyle can yield such an incredible result.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your month-long journey! Till then, have a great Monday and a wonderful week!

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10 comments on “Worried about the Signs of Aging? Then Stop Doing These 7 Things!

  1. Avatarallen

    Great video Barbara. I am a cancer researcher. In my opinion the top three reasons that people are aging prematurely are:-
    1- smoking
    2- excessive alcohol
    3- excessive exposure to the sun
    Very respectfully, Allen Cohen ala-septic pharmaceutical research, llc

    1. AvatarBarbara Mendez RPh MS Post author

      Sorry Allen, I was away when this came through and I didn’t see it until today. Thanks for your comment and feedback. You are correct in the above~ I appreciate you taking the time to comment~

  2. AvatarSaqib Shams

    These are very effective tips. Thanks alot Barbara.&also a request who to for leaving smooking,tips for lungs care and never desire again of sigret. Kindly tell us some juice and vegi for being healthy… Thanks again

  3. AvatarAnna McNally

    Great tips.

    I believe not detoxing regularly will age you faster as well – if your not getting rid of build-up in your intestines, it affects your health and will show both physically and mentally.

  4. AvatarKim

    I agree with your ideas of accelerated aging and have a few more to add! Overindulging in alcohol! It dehydrates you, is bad for your liver and makes for poor sleep habits. Also, spending too much time in the sun. I believe the sun is good in moderation, especially to get the necessary vitamin D, but I think it is more harmful than good in excess. Thanks for the great tips as always!


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