7 Practices for Gastrointestinal Health


Is Your Digestion Off? Tired of Feeling Bloated and Uncomfortable? Check Out the 7 Best Practices to Improve Your Gut Health

Have you heard? Your gastrointestinal tract lays down the foundation for your overall health and well-being. In today’s Motivational Monday, I am going to share with you the very best practices you can implement right now to help optimize gut health and in turn, help you to have a more vibrant and healthy body.

The vast majority of the people I work with, present with some sort of GI trouble. Whether it’s constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn or simple bloating, all of these symptoms are clues that there is something not right about your gastrointestinal health. The inflammation that is created through such conditions in the GI can then radiate outwards, causing inflammation around your body that can lead to inflammatory conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

Your GI works hard to digest and get nourishment from the foods you are eating. But so many folks out there are struggling with digestion difficulties due to the foods they choose to eat. Add to that, the effects of stress, mega-portions of food and a rushed eating environment and you have all the ingredients you need to struggle with your digestion.

Inflammation in the gut leads to inflammation in your body. If the way you are eating or caring for yourself is making it difficult for your body to digest, assimilate and in turn, eliminate food, then the consequences of this could radiate outwards, causing detrimental effects to your overall health.

But the gut CAN be healed! All it takes are just some simple shifts in your habits to help you get to your optimal wellness.

In today’s Motivational Monday, I am going to go over the 7 habits you should consider when looking to improve GI health.

Some of the suggestions are food related. Others are lifestyle factors. I even go over the one supplement we should ALL be including in our daily routine.

Once you have watched the video, I want to hear from you! Do you struggle with GI discomfort? If so, what have you done thus far to help manage it? And has it been successful?

Then I want to hear which one of the 7 tips I spoke about that you are willing to adopt into your routine to get back into top GI health! What you will see once you do, is that one shift can lead to amazing results!!

As always, it is a pleasure to share some time with you on Monday mornings! I hope you have a wonderful Monday and a fantastic week!

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19 comments on “7 Practices for Gastrointestinal Health

  1. Edyta

    Hi Barbara! Thank you for this info . I have gastritis/acid reflux. Will you be able to provide recipes for me, looks like anything I eat it bothers my stomach.
    Eliminated sugar, dairy, spicy/fried foods.
    Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Barbara Mendez RPh MS Post author

      Hi Edyta~ Most any of the recipes on this site would be ok. None of them have wheat, dairy or sugar which is responsible for the underlying inflammation that leads to the reflux. I hope this helps!

  2. marlene spignr

    You got me! After I watched your 7 steps for gastro health, I went online and bought , from amazon,the jarrow EPS vegetarian probiotic . thanks for the advice. To be continued.

  3. Mike

    I have a variety of upper GI issues. Over the last year or so my diet has become much healthier (largely due to your Monday videos), but every time I lay off my double dose of pantoprazole the heartburn and difficulty swallowing come back. I’m going to try probiotics and screening out allergens… thanks for the tips!

    1. Barbara Mendez, RPh, MS

      This is an issue than can absolutely be managed naturally. Give each elimination some time, in conjunction with the probiotics, and then let me know how it goes~
      Good luck Mike! I hope you are otherwise well!

  4. Barbara Mendez, RPh, MS

    Thanks so much Laurie! I am glad to know you tackled this life-long problem with your GI. Sounds like you made some great changes ~ Happy to know it is going well~
    Thank you for your comment! Happy to know you enjoy the info 🙂
    Enjoy your day~

  5. Sue Ascanio

    Love your Monday videos….very inspirational! Great advice which I’m trying to follow. So proud to call you my cousin:).. Keep up the great work!

    1. Barbara Mendez, RPh, MS Post author

      Thanks Sue!! I am glad to know you enjoy them~ I hope you are well! I saw a picture of Jordan recently and can not believe how big she is! What a beautiful girl~ I hope all is well with you and Omar and the kids~ Lots of love!!

  6. Cristina

    Thanks for this video. I have gastritis from hyper acidity and I stopped eating sweets and fried food which help a lot. Do you have recipes that are soothing for people with heartburn/gastritis? I have a pretty healthy diet right now but sometimes it gets a bit boring. Any healthy dessert besides fruits?

    Many thanks,

    1. Barbara Mendez, RPh, MS

      Hey Cristina~ Glad to know you are working to alleviate this problem! I have a great recipe for raw ice cream on the site. It’s made with bananas, almond butter and some cacao powder, if the cacao is not a problem for you. It is delicious.
      I hope this helps!

  7. Jon Sheppard

    Thanks Barbara for the great tips. As someone who has had to bounce back from diverticulitis. I have been following a regimen including Glutamine and will incorporate your 7 into it.
    Keep the great tips coming !!!


  8. Jorge Mendez

    Great, great video! Loved it. Very informative and fun to watch.
    Keep up the good work.
    Everything you say is common sense, but sometimes you need someone to put it into words and make it simple to understand and do something about it, and that is what you just did.
    Excellent !




    1. Barbara Mendez, RPh, MS

      Hi Maggie~ Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that needs to be replenished in the gastrointestinal tract to allow for proper digestion, absorption and elimination. The Jarrodophilus EPS is a brand that I have used before. I hope this helps!

  10. Laurie

    Thanks for the suggestions Barbara! I too had a GI problem for years, since birth, really and I finally did something about it at the age of 45! Better late than never, I guess. I went to see a holistic nutritionist and I did a cleanse this past spring and boy has it changed my life! I cut out or tremendously cut back the allergens you stated and also sugar too. I want to live a healthy life and feel good. I feel like I’m on my way! Thanks for all your tips and suggestions. I look forward to them every Monday!

    All the best to your health!


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