Staples In My Kitchen

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you are all well and gearing up for Spring! It’s just around the corner, bringing with it opportunities for new beginnings and fresh starts.

Next week I’ll be ushering in something new of my own with the launch of my new website! Finally! After months of fiddling and perfecting, I am almost ready to put it out in the world! I hope you love it and I’ll look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.


Till then, I though I’d share with you my all time favorite-can’t-live-without-recipes-in-my-kitchen. While I cook everything I create for the site, there are some that are near and dear to my heart and I make sure to keep them on hand on a regular basis. I would say that these recipes are at the center of my ability to eat healthfully, sustainably and creatively.

If you’ve tried any of these recipes, I’d love to hear your comments below. And if you have your own personal favorite from my collection, I’d love to hear which ones do it for you!

Enjoy, have a great week and I look forward to seeing you at the launch of my new site next week!


1. Homemade Veggie Stock

I make a fresh stock once a week and it becomes the fragrant base of my next batch of soup. It is my #1-can’t-live-without recipe because soup is the most prominent staple in my diet.


2. Nutty Protein Bread

Sometimes, I just want a slice of bread! What I don’t want is the bloating and indigestion I get from regular bread. Nor do I want the sleepiness that inevitably sets in when I have wheat. Instead, I make this nutty protein bread at least twice a month, slice it up and keep it frozen for a quick piece of toast with avocado or almond butter. If I really want to indulge I’ll make the olive nutty protein bread…both are awesomely satisfying!


3. Kale Pesto!

This is one of my all time favorites and it’s because it is super easy to make, it can be frozen, and just as easily defrosted for a quick meal. I toss it with rice pasta and in minutes I have an incredibly delicious meal.


4. Soup!

I could not live without soup! It is my go-to dinner 5 nights a week. It’s easy, simple, can be made on Sunday and frozen for future consumption and includes loads of veggies. My personal favorites are the carrot-tarragon, carrot-clementine and the salmon miso.


5. Fish Tacos and Pizza Salad

Whenever I have friends over for dinner, I inevitably make one of these two recipes. Both are easy, delicious and enjoyed by everyone, even kids. They’re also fun! You can set up the ingredients and then have everyone assemble their own. Yum!

fishtacos pizzasalad

6. Something Sweet

Every so often, even I get a craving for something sweet. With my Haagen Dazs days long gone, I turn to a couple of easy and delicious options when I know I’ll get the urge. My personal favorites are raw ice cream, Jennie’s banana bread and Elvis Scones. All are incredible and the banana bread and Elvis scones can even be served up on a Sunday brunch!